Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Here we answer questions that are frequently asked by customers.

I had technical problems with the order process and was unable to complete it.
Please contact us if it is not possible to complete the order process. We also accept orders at any time by phone +49 (0)8666 2281815 or by email (

Are the stones real?
In the event that the stones are synthetic, the "Material" in the item description immediately after the type of stone will indicate in brackets that the stone is synthetic. Example: Topaz (synthetic)

Are the stones untreated?
In most cases, yes. We attach great importance to this. If a stone has been treated, the information "material" in the item description will indicate in brackets immediately after the type of stone that the stone has been treated. Example: Ruby (treated).

Why should freshwater cultured pearls be natural products?
Freshwater cultured pearls are natural products because they grow naturally in a mussel. Humans have no influence on how the pearl grows or what quality it will develop.

How is the quality of the stones assessed?
In general, it can be said that transparency and the color considered to be the most beautiful are the decisive factors in determining the quality category in which the stone is classified. Inclusions and cracks in the stone are also important criteria.

Why are there so many different prices for the same type of stone?
Stones have many different qualities, and that is the most important criterion. The fewer of the desired qualities of a stone there are, the cheaper it is. For example, if there is an opaque quality of the same type of stone, which is abundant, and a small number of transparent stones, there will be a fairly wide price range from very cheap to very expensive. Prices are also determined by the precision of the cut.

Why are the surfaces of some stones cracked or why do some stones look broken?
Every stone has its own internal structure. Since a stone takes a long time to become what we hold in our hands today, the physical conditions can change and so-called cracks can appear. However, this does not mean that a stone is broken. This is very common with labradorite or light labradorite, the so-called rainbow moonstone. The stone is only broken if it has really broken in two and is possibly glued together. Depending on the quality of a stone, the cracks are sometimes more pronounced and sometimes less pronounced.

What is the difference between cabochon cut and faceted cut?
The cabochon cut has no sharp edges. The lower part of the stone is flat, the upper part has a slightly to strongly curved surface and is rounded.
This cut works particularly well with semi-precious stones such as tiger's eye, rainbow moonstone and labradorite.

In the past, the faceted cut was preferred for transparent stones, especially diamonds, which only in this way can reveal their beautiful radiance. Since the stone cut looks very elegant with its many facets, it is now used for many stones, including semi-precious stones.
With transparent stones, the bottom of the stone is usually pointed, the top is flat and has angular facets cut into the stone.

What does 925 silver mean?
This is a real silver alloy that consists of 925 parts pure silver and 75 parts pure copper. The mixing ratio gives the alloy its strength and shape retention, because pure silver would be easy to work with, but is too soft and breaks easily. The only disadvantage is that the alloy can oxidize and then turn black, but this can be converted back to the silver state using various, sometimes simple cleaning methods, making it a very durable material. Real silver contains no lead, no cadmium and no nickel. 925 silver is kind to the skin.

Does the silver turn black?
Yes, that is possible. How quickly the silver tarnishes depends on various factors. Since we use real 925 silver, it is possible to clean the silver at any time so that it can once again exhibit the desired properties. Read our tips on jewelry care .

Why don't you offer rhodium plated silver?
Rhodium-plated silver means that a layer of rhodium is applied to the silver. As this layer comes off in places over time, it develops unsightly stains as the lighter layer of silver underneath becomes visible. This is why we use untreated 925 silver. It can tarnish, but it can be cleaned again and again (read our tips on jewelry care ) without leaving any permanent unsightly stains. In addition, not all stones can withstand the rhodium-plating process and can develop unsightly cracks during the process, even inside the stone, which only become visible over time.

Is the silver nickel free?
Yes. The silver we offer is free of nickel, cadmium and lead.

Is the jewelry stamped?
Yes, the jewelry is stamped 925. This means that it is 925 silver.

Cancel or subsequently change your order
An order can be changed or cancelled up to 2 hours after placing the order by contacting us directly.

Under what circumstances can I return items?
If you do not like the items you ordered, they do not fit or are not suitable for other reasons, you can exercise your legal right of cancellation within 14 days without giving any reason or make use of our voluntary right of return of a total of 30 days. The period begins on the day on which you or a third party named by you, who is not the carrier, took possession of the last goods.
Please ensure that the goods are returned to us complete and undamaged.
We reserve the right to deduct a reduction in value if the item is not returned in full and/or a loss in value is due to handling of the goods that was not necessary to check the quality, properties and functioning of the goods.
The return of goods is possible as follows:
1. You send the goods back to us: Meya, Pfarrhofweg 20, 83364 Neukirchen am Teisenberg, Germany
(we offer free shipping within Germany for orders, but postage costs for returns are to be paid by you, see our terms and conditions)
2. After receipt and inspection of the return, we will refund the purchase price via the original payment method.

Are there any items that cannot be returned?
Yes. Personalizations and custom-made items that we make especially for you after prior consultation. You can return all other items from our shop to us within the cancellation period.

When will my return be credited?
As soon as we receive the return, it will be processed and the amount will be refunded within approximately 3 working days to the payment method used for the order. You will receive an email as soon as we have credited the amount.

Do you have a store somewhere so I can see the jewelry before I buy it?
No, we specialize in online trading. However, you are welcome to pick up your order at our studio in Neukirchen am Teisenberg at any time. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Redeem coupon / discount
Please enter the corresponding voucher code during checkout.
The coupon code field is displayed below the summary of all items.
Once you click "Apply", the discount will be deducted directly from the total amount of your order.

I want to order the jewelry as a gift and have it delivered directly to the recipient. How do you package the jewelry?
We package the jewelry in a jewelry box or organza bag, so the jewelry is gift-wrapped. If you want, you can write a message for the person in the "Your comments" field during the ordering process, which we will print out and add to the package. We do not include an invoice in the package; we will send you one by email.

How do I place my order?
You have the opportunity to browse through our range here in the webshop and get inspired. If you like a piece of jewelry, you can add the item to your shopping cart by clicking on the "Add to cart" button. Once you have selected all the items, you will receive a summary of your order in the shopping cart. Now click on "Checkout" and select your shipping method, billing and delivery address. You then have the option of choosing a payment method that suits you. With just one more click, you can complete your order securely.
Alternatively, you can also order by phone or email.

Do I have to create a customer account to be able to shop with you?
No, this is not mandatory. You can order from us as a guest at any time.

What are the shipping costs?
Shipping is free within Germany. If you return an item, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

Do you also ship abroad?
Yes. We ship to the following countries: Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hong Kong, Spain, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, USA.

Can I track the status of my shipment?
Yes. As soon as the piece of jewelry is ready for shipping, we will send you the DHL tracking number so that you can see where the package is at any time.

Can I have my order delivered to a packing station?
Yes, that is possible.

What payment methods are available to me?
You can pay via Paypal (via Paypal you can also pay by installments, credit card, SEPA direct debit or invoice), purchase on account from Klarna, Shopify Payments, Google Pay.

How can I delete my customer account and/or my data?
Please send us an email to or use the contact form .

Is your question still unanswered? Contact us, we will be happy to take care of your request.

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