About Meya

Claudia Bauch is a passionate jewelry designer and founder of Meya. Since 2007, she has been designing artistic jewelry with precious stones for a wide variety of occasions. With Meya, she has created a foundation for individualistic natural jewelry that celebrates the diversity and beauty of stones in the form of extraordinary jewelry. Some of her unusual jewelry pieces are expressions of forms and values ​​established by various ancient cultures and philosophies. In this way, the mystery and profound knowledge of our ancestors are maintained in the form of exquisite jewelry and in connection with precious stones.

However, the main source of inspiration for the jewelry is nature. The shapes that she sees in nature and the expression of nature as a landscape are the inspiration for her designs. In the eyes of the designer, nature is untamed and wild, but its shapes are clear and structured.
But it's not just the design that's important. Finding and selecting stones is one of the most exciting parts of her artistic work. She says: "Stones are so fascinating with their colors, shapes, inclusions and grain that I don't choose the stones based on the designs. In the beginning there is the stone, then comes the design."

On Instagram, the designer shares photos of her forays into nature, which landscapes and details in nature inspire her the most when creating her jewelry. Follow Meya on Instagram.

Wearing jewelry is a way of expressing the uniqueness of one's personality, which is why the entrepreneur distances herself from machine-made mass-produced goods. All pieces of jewelry are hand-crafted using artisanal techniques, and the highest quality of materials from fair trade is important to her as a sign of appreciation for the well-being of nature and people. Random checks are carried out at regular intervals when purchasing materials. Environmentally friendly work processes and recycling are of great importance. This is how jewelry is created that is a joy to wear.

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